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Deploying InfoNgen to Unlock Advanced Search & Content Delivery Capabilities for Portfolio Managers in Financial Services

Deploying InfoNgen to Unlock Advanced Search & Content Delivery Capabilities for Portfolio Managers in Financial Services

In the ever-changing financial services industry, being a portfolio manager has become incredibly demanding. The financial landscape is constantly evolving, driven by worldwide events, technological innovation and changes in regulation. Portfolio managers are faced with an immense amount of incoming data that needs to be processed and understood. Tools with advanced search capabilities, such as InfoNgen, have become indispensable for extracting valuable insights from the ocean of information.

Key Challenges Portfolio Managers Face in Financial Services 

Portfolio managers face a range of complex challenges that require sharp decision-making and adept navigation:

  1. Market Volatility
  2. Information Overload
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Risk Management
  5. Liquidity Management

Empowering Portfolio Managers with Advanced Search Tools

As portfolio managers grapple with these challenges, advanced search tools emerge as a guiding light through the data deluge, giving portfolio managers a clear advantage in their decision-making process. Here’s how these tools help: 

1. Refined Decision-Making

In a data-saturated world, advanced search tools stand as beacons of clarity, distilling critical insights from real-time market data, research reports, news, social media and more.

2. Real-Time Insights

Armed with live market feeds, these tools empower managers to swiftly adapt strategies, mitigating risks and seizing opportunities in volatile markets.

3. Regulatory Vigilance

Automating compliance checks, these tools act as guardians, ensuring all decisions align with the ever-evolving and often stringent legal landscape.

4. Risk-Ready Strategies

By harnessing historical data and predictive analytics, managers construct robust risk management plans, safeguarding client capital.

5. Liquidity Optimization

Real-time insights into asset liquidity enable managers to strike a balance between returns and readily accessible funds, bolstering resilience.

InfoNgen Use Case

Recognizing the direct correlation between the quality of equities research and fund performance success, a multinational financial services company managing over $2 trillion in assets partnered with InfoNgen to implement an intelligent search tool that leverages text analytics and machine learning algorithms to filter the signal from the noise.

Key Challenges

When the InfoNgen team started working with the client, their pain points included:

  • Poor search capabilities
  • Multiple outdated internal systems
  • Inability to deliver personalized, real-time research content 

Solution Highlights

InfoNgen was chosen for its ability to provide the following critical functionality:

  • Text analytics with topic extraction, company sentiment analysis, summarization, content deduplication and other features tailored specifically to broker research
  • Advanced search capabilities closely integrated with internal services
  • Personalized content and automatic alerts, combining internal research and third-party content

Results Achieved

InfoNgen helped the client achieve the following goals:

  • Substantially increased operational efficiency and streamlined financial research workflows for portfolio managers
  • Reduced research acquisition time and effort by implementing personalized alerts and other content delivery options
  • Critically improved fund performance by introducing innovative technologies like text analytics and sentiment analysis to effectively identify equities for portfolios
  • Unified and replaced four legacy systems with a virtualized, AWS-based platform to support all of the above

All the client’s portfolio managers have been successfully using InfoNgen as their go-to tool for financial research since 2014.

Whether in a bull or bear market, research is key. Curated, up-to-date information can be the deciding difference between frustration and success.