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Text Analytics


Find Actionable Insights Hiding In Petabytes of Data

Text analytics can provide unparalleled insight into everything from current events to corporate data to customer feedback. The challenge is finding the right solution to help you extract high-quality information from the petabytes of data existing online and off. InfoNgen delivers powerful text analytics features and functionality to your enterprise, helping your employees curate high-value content from any source.

Powerful Features & Functionality for Text Analytics

Through its robust set of features and functionality, InfoNgen gives businesses everything they need to keep track of the competition, discover market trends as they materialize, follow regulatory changes and so much more. We offer:

Intelligent Indexing, Deduplication & Clustering of Similar Content

  • Index, deduplicate and cluster similar content to cut through the noise and focus on what’s relevant
  • Utilize intelligent content querying to combine full text indexing with meaningful topical metadata driven by business needs

Powerful Content Enrichment & Sentiment Analysis

  • Leverage natural language processing and machine learning technology to greatly enrich content
  • Analyze sentiments related to companies, products or topics to better understand the emotional tone of the content

Automatic Text Annotation & Summarization

  • Generate document summaries to save you valuable time and effort
  • Extract analyst opinions and comments excluding disclosures with auto-generated sections, tables and graphs

Prebuilt Industry-Specific Taxonomies

  • Leverage prepackaged standard taxonomies including companies, geographies and industry-specific topics with 600,000+ tagged entities to ensure you get a clear picture of the ideas or concepts you’re looking for
  • Monitor every publicly listed company in the top 36 stock exchanges worldwide, plus hundreds of thousands of private and VC-backed companies 

Keyword Extraction & Topic Recognition

  • Recognize entities and topics automatically with an entity linking algorithm that allows the software to deduce entities that may not be explicitly mentioned in the content
  • Extract keywords and identify topics in over 30 languages

Simple Integration With Internal Repositories

  • Connect with enterprise-wide repositories like Dropbox, Drive, Exchange Mail Servers, Databases and SharePoint to analyze text from your emails, company subscriptions, premium content, internal databases and more
  • Explore content confidently with support of all major document file formats

Why InfoNgen for Text Analytics?

  • Know Everything You Need to Know. Now.

    With the sheer amount of data growing in size and complexity every day, InfoNgen gives you the tools you need to quickly find, analyze and share critical information to speed decision-making and stay competitive.
  • True Domain Expertise

    For industries like Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail and Legal, InfoNgen comes packed with prebuilt taxonomies full of enriched content so you can find what you’re looking for fast.
  • Go Beyond the Tip of the Data Iceberg

    80% of data being produced is unstructured, and what you’re used to searching is only the tip of the data iceberg. Going beyond structured data is no problem with InfoNgen, which lets you seamlessly search and tag social media posts, emails, documents and other unstructured content just like structured data.
  • Uncover Buried Signals

    Hidden insights, patterns and anomalies – InfoNgen sees what you don’t as it ingests, analyzes and summarizes texts with artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.


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