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Giving Structure to Unstructured Data

Nearly 80% of all new data being created is unstructured. With every social media post, customer communication and email generated, noisy unstructured data is produced that could hold valuable information on consumer sentiment about products and services. What’s more, enterprise documents, reports, emails and other internal sources are being generated at breakneck speed, producing even more unstructured data. InfoNgen® can help you cut through the noise with its powerful enterprise search capabilities.

Find Secret Insights Hidden in Unstructured Data With Enterprise Search

InfoNgen gives enterprises a proven tool to seamlessly search and add structure to noisy unstructured data to extract keywords, topics of interest and sentiment indexes. The solution connects and consolidates your repositories of unstructured data within your own enterprise data warehouse, allowing you to achieve the following goals:

Effortlessly integrate your unstructured data to make it searchable with your preset tags, filters and other settings

Listen to the voice of the customer via social media posts, customer communications and emails

Get access to a myriad of sources that speak directly to your business, including private and corporate data sources like documents, emails, presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, filings, reports and more

Understand the nuances and impact of what is happening in the market with insight not readily available from structured data

Gain a deeper understanding of the context of content compared to raw structured data

Take a deeper look at your organization’s approach to change management to drive operational improvements

Unlock the Power of Text Analytics With Infongen

Through its natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities, InfoNgen can help you not only tap into the voice of the customer, but also the voice of the competition with powerful, on-demand text analytics. Here are just a few of the things you get with InfoNgen:

  • Competitive intelligence on every company in your industry across all of their individual brands and geographies
  • Automatic insight into macro and microeconomic trends affecting multiple industries
  • On-demand understanding of the latest regulations and legislation
  • Sentiment indexes and analysis to help you aggregate content in an intelligent way
  • Ability to search unstructured data without extra effort
  • Built-in taxonomies with more than 600,000 preloaded tags
  • Simple integration with internal systems and content sources
  • Enterprise-ready solution with features and functionality designed for distinct organizational roles
  • Powerful enterprise search filters to help you filter the signal from the noise

Hear from the customer

"The very high flexibility in building search queries, the ability to fully customize the system according to the user’s requirements, the very convenient and functional design of the aggregator as well as professional customer support from the InfoNgen staff are the major reasons why Schneider Electric Russia selected InfoNgen as our preferred solution for content monitoring and market intelligence."

Alexander Sajenkov

Head of Business Intelligence, Schneider Electric Russia



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