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Search Unstructured Data to Uncover Hidden Trends, Patterns & Anomalies

From risk assessment to claims management, the insurance industry is driven by data. InfoNgen analyzes your unstructured text data – from claims, emails, reports and even social media – to extract actionable insights, automate the claims process, detect fraud, monitor the competition and enable better communication with customers.

Why InfoNGen for Insurance?

With the information discovered using InfoNgen you can quickly take the right course of action. Features include:

  • Prebuilt insurance-specific taxonomies with thousands of tagged entities

  • Automatic insight into macro and microeconomic trends affecting multiple industries

  • 24/7 monitoring of over 200,000 web and social media sources to discover trending news, words and phrases

  • AI-powered text analytics, text mining and tagging to power your searches and generate quick summaries of critical information from various sources

  • Powerful content enrichment and sentiment analysis leveraging natural language processing and machine learning

  • Ability to process content in 30+ languages

  • Simple integration with any enterprise data storage, such as SharePoint, Office 365, Dropbox, Exchange and databases

  • Custom content delivery tools to aggregate and share findings within your organization

Who Uses InfoNgen in Insurance?

Claims Managers & Adjusters
Actuaries & Risk Modelers
Investment & Asset Managers
Sales & Marketing

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