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Sentiment Analysis


Learn How Your Customers Really Feel

From customer feedback and reviews to overall market sentiment, it’s critical that your business understands how people really feel about your products, services, marketing campaigns and even competitors so that you can react quickly. Helping you effectively and efficiently analyze customer feedback at scale, InfoNgen’s sentiment index tool is a proven indicator of the attitude and emotional tone of customer feedback or consumer-generated content.

Unlock More In-Depth Sentiment Analysis With InfoNgen

Most sentiment extraction engines attempt to identify sentiment polarity of a whole document or an entire piece of content. Going beyond just the basic sentiment of ‘positive’ or ‘negative,’ InfoNgen can automatically tell you how your customers feel about not only an entity as a whole, but also its unique attributes and features. Here’s an example:


Just like in the example above, you can extract consumer sentiment on any number of companies or products covered in InfoNgen’s vast array of public and private content sources. Beyond broad sentiment, you can also learn how the broader community feels about attributes like revenue, stock prices, sales and marketing campaigns.

Why InfoNgen for Sentiment Analysis?

  • Know Everything You Need to Know. Now.

    With the sheer amount of data growing in size and complexity every day, InfoNgen gives you the tools you need to quickly find, analyze and share critical information to speed decision-making and stay competitive.
  • True Domain Expertise

    For industries like Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail and Legal, InfoNgen comes packed with prebuilt taxonomies full of enriched content so you can find what you’re looking for fast.
  • Go Beyond the Tip of the Data Iceberg

    80% of data being produced is unstructured, and what you’re used to searching is only the tip of the data iceberg. Going beyond structured data is no problem with InfoNgen, which lets you seamlessly search and tag social media posts, emails, documents and other unstructured content just like structured data.
  • Uncover Buried Signals

    Hidden insights, patterns and anomalies – InfoNgen sees what you don’t as it ingests, analyzes and summarizes texts with artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.


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