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Effortlessly Aggregate Content to Deliver Compelling Insights

The modern information landscape for a global law firm is as diverse and complex as ever with new sources of valuable content becoming available every day. With InfoNgen®, the days of searching source after source to find the critical information you need are over. InfoNgen’s text analytics and sentiment analysis tools help you filter through the massive volume of public web content and premium subscriptions to deliver relevant insights that match unique attorney interests and cases via curated newsletters and email alerts.

Get the Latest, Most Relevant Legal News All in One Place

Why InfoNgen for Legal Professionals?

With InfoNgen, you can quickly take the right course of action based on the most up-to-date legal and regulatory news on specific industries and companies. No matter where you are or when you need it, you have access to InfoNgen and the powerful benefits it provides:

  • Automatic alerts and contextual understanding of the latest regulations and legislation
  • Out-of-the-box taxonomies for Legal professionals with thousands of prebuilt tags
  • Content filters by client, practice area, location, topic and more
  • Delivery options for your discoveries including newsletters, email alerts, API access, RSS feed and more
  • Sentiment indexes and analysis to help you aggregate content in an intelligent way
  • Ability to search unstructured data without extra effort
  • Simple integration with internal systems and content sources
  • Enterprise-ready solution with features and functionality designed for distinct organizational roles
  • Powerful enterprise search filters to help you filter the signal from the noise

Who Uses InfoNgen in Legal?

InfoNgen is easy to use and adopt for specific roles within your organization, benefitting your employees in the following ways:

Knowledge Management Professionals & Librarians

  • Research companies and other entities for new and existing commercial litigation, past case history and more
  • Stay up to date on the latest legislation and regulations and unpack the nuances of specific laws
  • Provide reports to your attorneys and other teams via newsletter, email alerts, RSS feeds and other delivery options
  • Take control over multiple streams of information, including content from premium subscriptions and unstructured corporate data

Legal Aids & Support Professionals

  • Offer InfoNgen as a self-service tool for everyone in the organization who needs to conduct research on clients, competitors, market trends, regulatory events and laws
  • Generate blog topics and other materials based on the latest trending stories and legal developments


  • Receive timely updates on the companies, cases and topics relevant to your work
  • Rest assured that you’re getting the latest and greatest information you need to defend your clients and operate within the law

Hear from the customer

“Until recently I used RSS feeds to monitor and deliver various news reports to our attorneys. I had to clip items and then compile them into a Word doc—a manual, time-consuming, tedious process. Last week, I began to use InfoNgen for the daily news. The transition was seamless and painless. I love your product, but I am a bigger fan of the kind of commitment and the level of responsibility and professionalism your team has shown us. It is truly a delight to work with them.”

Delia Montesinos

Strategic Research Librarian, Littler Mendelson, PC



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