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Retail & CPG

Win the Market with Actionable Insights

With digital disruption impacting companies throughout the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, you need a proven way to keep up with emerging information on market trends, product launches and customer sentiment. InfoNgen provides fast and actionable insights that can improve decision making and be shared directly with customers and colleagues, helping you stay competitive.

Why InfoNgen for Retail & CPG?

Whether it's adding new product lines based on customer trends or dealing with a counterfeiter, InfoNGen empowers you to quickly take the right course of action. Benefits include:

  • Actionable brand and product competitive intelligence in every region

  • Built-in taxonomies with thousands of custom tags curated for Retail & CPG

  • Research tools to explore target personas and improve their experiences

  • Alerts on specific brands and products to easily monitor the industry landscape

  • On-demand insights into the latest regulations and legislation 

  • Sentiment indexes and analysis to help you aggregate content intelligently and understand your customers

  • Automatic alerts on customer feedback and inquiries from web and social media

  • Counterfeit detection to identify fraudulent sites and products and protect brand reputation and IP

  • Simple integration with internal systems and content to search unstructured data

Who Uses InfoNgen in Retail & CPG?

Brand, Product & Market Managers
Marketing & Sales Professionals
Buyers & Merchandisers

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