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Compile & Analyze Research Data to Streamline Pharma R&D Operations

In the ultracompetitive world of life sciences, businesses must keep up with a constant stream of new information — drug releases, scientific breakthroughs, mergers and acquisitions, new regulations and more — to stay competitive. With InfoNgen, you can search and analyze unstructured data to gain valuable and actionable insights fast to maintain your edge in pharma R&D and beyond.

Why InfoNgen for Life Sciences?

InfoNgen delivers information from across the industry, including news related to drug launches, scientific discoveries and insights from your own corporate databases. Benefits include:

  • Brand and competitive insights for companies in your region and industry
  • Prebuilt taxonomies with thousands of custom tags curated for pharma and life sciences
  • Alerts for breakthroughs and drug launches to support decision making in your development pipeline
  • Insight and alerts for new regulations and legislation
  • Sentiment indexes and analysis to aggregate content at scale
  • Reduction in research time for faster product launches
  • Facilitation of the detection of drug counterfeiting and other fraudulent activities
  • Capabilities to identify adverse events from unstructured sources, like social media and emails, to share with compliance agencies
  • Enhanced knowledge of competitor activity
  • Automatic updates on relevant and related mergers and acquisitions and IPOs in the industry
  • Simple integration with internal systems and content sources to search unstructured data without extra effort

Who Uses InfoNgen in Life Sciences?

Head of R&D

Research Scientists & Principal Investigators

Corporate Librarians

Chief Strategy Officers



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