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Filter the Signal from the Noise in Pharma R&D and Beyond

In the hypercompetitive Life Sciences industry, it’s difficult to keep up with the constant stream of drug launches, scientific discoveries and mergers & acquisitions. You need fast, actionable insights to speed decision-making in Pharma R&D and a prompt way to share these insights with your colleagues. Giving you the ability to quickly find, share and analyze information critical to staying competitive, InfoNgen® will help.

Get the Latest, Most Relevant Life Sciences News All in One Place

Why InfoNgen for Life Sciences?

With InfoNgen, you can quickly take the right course of action, whether it’s tapping into your vast corporate database to find a forgotten discovery or identifying a potential acquisition target. No matter where you are or when you need it, you have access to InfoNgen and the powerful benefits it provides:

  • Brand and competitive intelligence on every company in every geography within your target industry
  • Built-in taxonomies and thousands of custom tags curated especially for Pharma and Life Sciences
  • Alerts on specific discoveries and drug launches to help you monitor the industry landscape and make informed decisions about what’s next for your organization and its drug development pipeline
  • On-demand insights on the latest regulations and legislation which might potentially affect your drug pipeline
  • Sentiment indexes and analysis to help you aggregate content intelligently and at scale
  • Reduced time-to-market for launching products by reducing the need to conduct unnecessary searches and therefore research
  • Facilitation of the detection of drug counterfeiting and other fraudulent activities
  • Ability to identify adverse events from multiple unstructured sources like social media, emails and other communication and send them to your regulatory compliance division for correspondence with the FDA
  • Easier drug development pipeline maintenance via enhanced knowledge of competitor activity
  • Automatic updates on relevant and related mergers & acquisitions and IPOs in the Life Sciences industry
  • Simple integration with internal systems and content sources so you can search unstructured data without extra effort

Who Uses InfoNgen in Life Sciences?

InfoNgen is easy to use and adopt for specific roles within your organization, benefitting your employees in the following ways:

Head of R&D

  • Protect your market share and differentiate your products with full knowledge of your competitors’ activities, recent discoveries and industry trends
  • Ensure you’re making the right decisions at every stage of the drug development lifecycle to prevent wasted time and money due to regulatory changes
  • Provide your employees with a powerful tool to conduct research on drugs, therapies and experiments that could help you achieve your business objectives 

Research Scientists & Principal Investigators

  • Conduct research on the latest drugs, therapies and experiments related to specific ailments and diseases
  • Find the critical information you need faster to validate your idea and approach for developing a new drug

Corporate Librarians

  • Discover actionable insights from your organization’s vast collection of unstructured data held in research, product and IP documents
  • Utilize InfoNgen’s prebuilt tagging taxonomies for Life Sciences to map patterns, trends and anomalies within corporate data
  • Provide your organization with the latest and greatest insights gathered from more than 200,000 content sources across the internet including websites, blogs, forums and social media

Chief Strategy Officers

  • Navigate the complex Pharma market landscape with complete knowledge of macroeconomic trends, market movements, regulatory changes and other big-picture factors affecting your organizations
  • Use the information you discover to ensure you have a validated, competitive backlog of drugs in your R&D pipeline
  • Identify acquisition targets based on the needs of your drug development pipeline and other factors like revenue, stock price, geographic footprint and more

Hear from the customer

"I first encountered the InfoNgen tool through colleagues at my current company. The tool allows a cost-effective way to search and create alerts or newsletters to share with internal teams and/or external partners at a regular frequency. Not only can I execute custom searches but I can filter out sources I wish to exclude and can also include sources for which we have company-wide licenses or access. The InfoNgen team is easy to work with and very responsive to any questions or requests for assistance with the tool. I highly recommend this tool for anyone seeking to automate their secondary news sources while quickly and easily serving multiple customer groups."

Dawn Kumiega

Business Insights Lead, Shire Pharmaceuticals



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