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Deep Domain Expertise With Prebuilt Taxonomies For Your Industry

Since launching InfoNgen® in 2004, we’ve accumulated deep domain expertise in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Tech, Retail & CPG and Legal, developing prebuilt, state-of-the-art ontologies tailored to our clients’ needs in these industries. Available out of the box or built from scratch, our industry-specific search taxonomies include over 600,000 total pre-tagged entities, giving your users quick time-to-insight through the power of text analytics.

Industries We Serve

Financial Services

Receive automatic updates on specific companies and equities, keep up with trading trends and determine when to buy, sell or hold your positions.


Life Sciences

Streamline your R&D process with actionable insights into the latest discoveries, drug developments and regulations.


Manufacturing & Tech

Get automatic insights into the latest discoveries, technologies and manufacturing processes to help keep your product pipeline full and healthy.


Retail & CPG

Stay up to date on the most recent product launches, industry innovations and marketing trends to keep your business moving forward.



Automate the claims management process, detect fraud, manage customer communications and monitor the competition in real-time to optimize your business.



Discover valuable content that meets your firm or practice’s unique needs, including insight into the latest cases, laws and regulations.


How Specific Teams Benefit From InfoNgen

We go beyond overarching industries to serve individual roles and teams within your organization. Here’s how your specific teams and roles will benefit from using InfoNgen as their trusted resource for text analytics, sentiment analysis and more:


Keep tabs on your competitors’ latest innovations, learn about industry trends as they occur and identify risks and crises in a timely manner

Compliance Officers

Receive automatic updates on the most recent regulations and monitor sources that drive regulatory change

Product Team

Get detailed updates on your competitors’ product launches and find counterfeiters and fraudsters who are imitating your products and trade secrets

Sales Team

Ensure you’re approaching clients with a thorough understanding of their current situation, competitors and recent market events

Marketing Team

Gain a competitive advantage by aggregating and monitoring data on your brand, customers, partners and competitors


Navigate your complex industry landscape with complete knowledge of macroeconomic trends, market movements and regulatory changes

R&D Team

Conduct research and find the critical information you need faster to validate your idea and approach for developing a new product

Corporate Librarians

Integrate and search corporate data and streamline the creation of alerts, reports and newsletters curated for specific groups

Legal Team

Stay up to date on the latest cases, legislations and regulations and unpack the nuances of specific laws



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