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On-Demand Insights to Build Better Products, Faster

With global manufacturers and technology companies constantly competing to differentiate their brands and products, it’s more important than ever to know exactly what your competitors are doing, why they’re doing it and how you’re going to deal with market disruption. You need brand and market intelligence that delivers fast, actionable insights to speed your decision-making. As a trusted intelligent search tool that gives you all of the above and more, InfoNgen® will help.

Get the Latest, Most Relevant Manufacturing & Tech News All in One Place

Why InfoNgen for Manufacturing & Tech?

With InfoNgen, you can quickly take the right course of action, whether it’s tweaking a product’s design or making your manufacturing process more efficient. No matter where you are or when you need it, you have access to InfoNgen and the powerful benefits it provides:

  • Actionable brand and product competitive intelligence on every major company in every major geography
  • Built-in taxonomies and thousands of custom tags curated especially for the Manufacturing & Tech industries
  • Alerts on specific competitors and product/software lines to help you monitor the industry landscape and make informed decisions about what’s next for your product development pipeline
  • On-demand insights on the latest regulations and legislation as it happens across the world
  • Sentiment indexes and analysis to help you aggregate and analyze content intelligently and at scale
  • Reduced time-to-market through the optimization of your processes and the avoidance of unnecessary research
  • Quicker time-to-value with enhanced efficiency and better manufacturing practices based on the latest and greatest industry trends
  • Ability to design and manufacture new products knowing that your organization is taking advantage of any market disruptions to produce the best products available today
  • Automatic updates on mergers & acquisitions in your industry as well as potential targets
  • Simple integration with internal systems and content sources so you can search unstructured data without extra effort

Who Uses InfoNgen in Manufacturing & Tech?

InfoNgen is easy to use and adopt for specific roles within your organization, benefitting your employees in the following ways:

Head of Product Development & Associates

  • Identify disruptive market and technology trends to help guide and influence your product development plans
  • Gain insight into your competitors’ latest releases and product development strategy to determine where you need to differentiate
  • Ensure you’re making the right decisions at every stage of the product development lifecycle to prevent wasted time and money

Head of Manufacturing & Associates

  • Conduct research on the features and manufacturing processes behind your competitors’ latest product releases
  • Find the critical information you need to reverse engineer what’s working for your competitors and avoid their mistakes
  • Keep pace with how manufacturing operations are changing as a result of technological innovations and trends like IoT, intelligent automation, digital twin and more 

Marketing & Sales Professionals

  • Develop and tweak your go-to-market messaging based on the key differentiators for your products that you discover with InfoNgen
  • Approach your customers at the right time with the right product with a total understanding of their needs and how you can satisfy them through deep customer sentiment analysis
  • Build the right digital and content strategy for your brand to make you that much more successful with your customers

Hear from the customer

"The very high flexibility in building search queries, the ability to fully customize the system according to the user’s requirements, the very convenient and functional design of the aggregator as well as professional customer support from the InfoNgen staff are the major reasons why Schneider Electric Russia selected InfoNgen as our preferred solution for content monitoring and market intelligence."

Alexander Sajenkov

Head of Business Intelligence, Schneider Electric Russia



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