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Plug & Play Ingestion


Plug & Play Source Integration & Ingestion

Enabling you to use InfoNgen’s powerful intelligent search and discovery features on content sources beyond what’s available out of the box, we provide plug and play connectors to private and corporate cloud or on-premise file storages, emails, databases, corporate subscriptions and paywall content. We ingest, aggregate and search content in 30 languages to help you filter the signal from the noise.

The Power to Search Any Source, Anytime, Anywhere

With InfoNgen available as a cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment, you can access its powerful intelligent search capabilities anytime, anywhere. What’s more, you can also search and analyze any source, no matter how obscure, private or hard to find. InfoNgen puts the following types of sources at your fingertips:

Public Web & Social Media Sources

  • Monitor your choice of over 200,000 web and social media sources, including over 30,000 regulatory and government sources, in multiple languages to discover trending topics and phrases
  • Rely on InfoNgen’s proprietary, scalable crawling agent to find what you need to know now
  • Effortlessly search the expertly curated, prepacked categorized web sources organized by our content onboarding team

Unlimited Proprietary Sources

  • Search your premium subscriptions just like you would any public source via InfoNgen’s simple APIs & RSS plugins

Unstructured Private & Corporate Sources

  • Find hidden insights in your private and corporate data from content sources like documents, emails, presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, filings, reports, cases and more

Why InfoNgen for Source Integration?

  • Know Everything You Need to Know. Now.

    With the sheer amount of data growing in size and complexity every day, InfoNgen gives you the tools you need to quickly find, analyze and share critical information to speed decision-making and stay competitive.
  • True Domain Expertise

    For industries like Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail and Legal, InfoNgen comes packed with prebuilt taxonomies full of enriched content so you can find what you’re looking for fast.
  • Go Beyond the Tip of the Data Iceberg

    80% of data being produced is unstructured, and what you’re used to searching is only the tip of the data iceberg. Going beyond structured data is no problem with InfoNgen, which lets you seamlessly search and tag social media posts, emails, documents and other unstructured content just like structured data.
  • Uncover Buried Signals

    Hidden insights, patterns and anomalies – InfoNgen sees what you don’t as it ingests, analyzes and summarizes texts with artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

Hear from the Customer

"I first encountered the InfoNgen tool through colleagues at my current company. The tool allows a cost-effective way to search and create alerts or newsletters to share with internal teams and/or external partners at a regular frequency. Not only can I execute custom searches but I can filter out sources I wish to exclude and can also include sources for which we have company-wide licenses or access. The InfoNgen team is easy to work with and very responsive to any questions or requests for assistance with the tool. I highly recommend this tool for anyone seeking to automate their secondary news sources while quickly and easily serving multiple customer groups."

Dawn Kumiega

Business Insights Lead, Shire Pharmaceuticals



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