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Keeping up With Market Trends Is Exhausting

In today’s rapidly evolving technology and business landscape, it’s vital for analysts and researchers to keep up to date with the most recently published information and developments as new sources of valuable content become available. Knowledge management professionals can feel overwhelmed filtering through the sheer volume of public web content and premium subscriptions in order to find the relevant content that matches their unique interests. InfoNgen® can help.

Automatically Anticipate Market Trends With Infongen

InfoNgen can help your business alleviate the pressure, time and costs of constantly trying to keep up with market trends. Instead of wasting valuable time searching through hundreds of publications, you’ll automatically discover trends as they emerge using our content aggregators, relevant content filters and industry-specific taxonomies. With InfoNgen, quality alerts are delivered straight to your inbox so you can:

Aggregate and monitor data on your brand, customers, partners and competitors

Understand the macro and microeconomic trends affecting your industry

Protect your brand’s reputation by detecting crises before they escalate

Monitor customer and market response to new and existing products and marketing campaigns

Prevent or mitigate the impact of disruptions or disruptors to your business

Stay on top of regulatory and legislative changes

Collect information on your sales leads

Approach clients with a thorough understand of their current situation, competitors and recent events

Anticipate upcoming trends and regulations in your industry by monitoring the forces that influence change

Unlock the Power of Text Analytics With Infongen

Through its natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities, InfoNgen can help you not only tap into the voice of the customer, but also the voice of the competition with powerful, on-demand text analytics. Here are just a few of the things you get with InfoNgen:

  • Competitive intelligence on every company in your industry across all of their individual brands and geographies
  • Automatic insight into macro and microeconomic trends affecting multiple industries
  • On-demand understanding of the latest regulations and legislation
  • Sentiment indexes and analysis to help you aggregate content in an intelligent way
  • Ability to search unstructured data without extra effort
  • Built-in taxonomies with 600,000+ preloaded tags
  • Simple integration with internal systems and content sources
  • Enterprise-ready solution with features and functionality designed for distinct organizational roles
  • Powerful enterprise search filters to help you filter the signal from the noise

Hear from the customer

"InfoNgen has allowed us to go from newsletter-based routing to very specific topic-based intelligence delivery. Being able to deliver subscription content alongside free resources is invaluable to our fee earners and allows them to stay alerted to the topics that affect their clients without being drowned in a sea of information. As a librarian, I really value their taxonomies that can be used alone to create searches or with additional search strings in order to provide the best possible results. The ability to display meta-tags within the newsletter alongside the article is an added feature that is extremely useful. It allows our users, at a glance, to know right away if our clients are mentioned in the story."

Tamara Acevedo

Manager Of Research & Knowledge Management, Moore & Van Allen PLLC



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