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InfoNgen®’s versatile use cases help enterprises find, share and analyze information that is critical to staying competitive. See how it works:

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How We Stack Up Against the Competition

Other text analytics and sentiment analysis products on the market can be expensive, hard to use and difficult to integrate into your business-technology ecosystem. For one low price, InfoNgen gives you everything you need to discover actionable insights for your specific industry or role in a single, unified view.

When To Use InfoNgen

Brand & Competitive Intelligence

Identify market opportunities and industry trends by learning what your competitors are doing in real-time.


Enterprise Search

Seamlessly connect and search your enterprise’s structured and unstructured data for hidden patterns, trends and anomalies.


Market Intelligence & Current Awareness

Aggregate and monitor the latest data and news about your brand, customers, partners and competitors.


Customer Feedback & Inquiry Intelligence

Gain valuable, on-demand insight into what customers really think about your products, sales and marketing campaigns.


Regulatory Compliance & Risk Avoidance

Keep track of emerging regulations and reduce the cost of compliance issues by discovering violations as soon as possible.


Counterfeit & Fraud Detection

Find, monitor and take action on imitators and counterfeiters who are ripping off your products and trade secrets.


Online Consumer Engagement

Quickly identify, qualify and engage the consumers who can benefit most from your products and services.


Find, Analyze & Share Information Critical to Staying Competitive

InfoNgen pulls text from more than 200,000 public sources, along with any number of internal sources, into a single, unified view, allowing users to see hidden patterns, trends and anomalies with its proprietary tools for text analytics and sentiment analysis. To further organize the insights you discover, InfoNgen comes ready to use with more than 600,000 tags, topics and entities included.

Hear from the Customer

“InfoNgen’s customer service team and system capabilities are both unsurpassed. I have used and tested many other services over the years and none have come close to InfoNgen. Should I ever depart TriWest, I will definitely incorporate InfoNgen’s services within my new organization.”

Larry Bookhamer

Senior Market Research Consultant, TriWest Healthcare Alliance



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