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Tagging Engine


Add Structure to Unstructured Datasets with Tags & Taxonomies

Tagging and extracting data on the most important keywords and concepts in your unstructured datasets gives you tremendous insight into the relevance of a content source, provides contextual navigation and helps users focus on the information they need to know now – and what they can afford to ignore.

InfoNgen’s powerful content tagging engine can automatically extract the following information from any source: 


Standard Business Taxonomies

Companies, Industries, Geography, Executives, Corporate Topics

Domain-Specific Topical Taxonomies  

Technology, Energy, Financial, Pharma & Life Sciences, Automotive, Agricultural, Chemical, Legal

Custom-Built Topics

Value-Based Care, Human Genetic Therapies, etc.

Powerful Features & Functionality For Content Tagging

Using natural language processing and machine learning technology, InfoNgen enriches text prior to tagging based on predefined rules for different ontologies, industries and topics with 600,000+ pre-tagged entities and topics. In order to assign relevancy and extract relationships from unstructured data, InfoNgen comes with the following features and functionality:

Entity & Topic Recognition

  • Automatically identify key elements or concepts of a block of text and group them into pre-defined categories with named entities
  • Use our entity linking algorithm to detect entities that may not be explicitly mentioned in the content
  • Enhance processed content with manually selected tags
  • Request new entity types and topics to be added by the InfoNgen white-glove support team

Document Summary Via Contextual Metadata

  • Automatically summarize documents with the contextual metadata detected by InfoNgen based on headlines, parts of speech, sentences, attachments and other content attributes
  • Exclude irrelevant content like ads, disclosures, links and references 

Search & Tagging API

  • Use the Tagging API to work through either a single document or a list of URLs to documents hosted on a public web server to return a collection of discovered metatags in XML/JSON format
  • Use the Search API to query multiple search criterions and return a list of document headlines and URLs as well as extracted entities and relevancy scores
  • Plug in your own custom-built taxonomies and relevancy algorithms

Why InfoNgen for Content Tagging?

  • Know Everything You Need to Know. Now.

    With the sheer amount of data growing in size and complexity every day, InfoNgen gives you the tools you need to quickly find, analyze and share critical information to speed decision-making and stay competitive.
  • True Domain Expertise

    For industries like Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail and Legal, InfoNgen comes packed with prebuilt taxonomies full of enriched content so you can find what you’re looking for fast.
  • Go Beyond the Tip of the Data Iceberg

    80% of data being produced is unstructured, and what you’re used to searching is only the tip of the data iceberg. Going beyond structured data is no problem with InfoNgen, which lets you seamlessly search and tag social media posts, emails, documents and other unstructured content just like structured data.
  • Uncover Buried Signals

    Hidden insights, patterns and anomalies – InfoNgen sees what you don’t as it ingests, analyzes and summarizes texts with artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

Hear from the customer

“InfoNgen at first attracted us with its unique, custom-built taxonomy of sources, subjects, geographies, legal topics and more that assists in removing the noise from our web searches and alerts. They have retained our business through its quality customer service and ongoing, responsive product development. I appreciate that the InfoNgen team makes time for us to ensure that we get the most out of the product that they have to offer."

Julie Bozzell

Chief Research & Knowledge Services Officer, Hogan Lovells



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