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Disseminate Your Discoveries with Customizable Delivery Options

You don’t have to keep what you discover with InfoNgen to yourself. We make it easy to share your discoveries through your chosen channels with colleagues and customers via email alerts, newsfeeds, newsletters and even your company’s intranet portal. With a plethora of customizable content delivery options, not only will everyone in the organization know what they need to know, when they need to know it, they’ll be able to share and discover valuable insights with ease.

Discovery Portal: InfoNgen’s Solution for Content Discovery & Dissemination

InfoNgen Discovery Portal is a market-tested web interface that provides advanced capabilities to access, filter and curate content from all of the public sources, premium subscriptions and private repositories that you need to monitor for relevant content. Offering all of the proven features InfoNgen offers for intelligent search and search results visualization, Discovery Portal provides a gateway for the following convenient content delivery and organization options:

Email Alerts

  • Set up consolidated email alerts on your choice of tracked companies, industries, products and topics
  • Schedule recurrent email alerts and share alerts with your colleagues on sources they need to be aware of


  • Send curated newsletters to your colleagues and customers
  • Manage your own custom newsletter schedule with targeted lists of recipients
  • Personalize the look and feel of your newsletters using the advanced newsletter building tool
  • Collaboratively create and manage newsletters with your colleagues
  • Enrich newsletters with your own content, comments, attachments and metadata
  • Track the impact of your newsletters with on-demand analytics
  • Save valuable content for later with bookmarks that you can import into your newsletters


  • Enrich your intranet with targeted and interactive content streams from the sources you explore in the Discovery Portal
  • Easily install widgets on any HTML page or SharePoint using a standard content editor
  • Control content via Discovery Portal where you can leverage any number of saved searches and newsletters
  • Customize widget styles through Discovery Portal’s easy-to-use UI
  • Visualize and share data from your sources based on most frequent terms, trending phrases, common tags, etc.
  • Share your discoveries almost anywhere with RSS feeds and API access

Why InfoNgen for Content Delivery?

  • Know Everything You Need to Know. Now.

    With the sheer amount of data growing in size and complexity every day, InfoNgen gives you the tools you need to quickly find, analyze and share critical information to speed decision-making and stay competitive.
  • True Domain Expertise

    For industries like Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail and Legal, InfoNgen comes packed with prebuilt taxonomies full of enriched content so you can find what you’re looking for fast.
  • Go Beyond the Tip of the Data Iceberg

    80% of data being produced is unstructured, and what you’re used to searching is only the tip of the data iceberg. Going beyond structured data is no problem with InfoNgen, which lets you seamlessly search and tag social media posts, emails, documents and other unstructured content just like structured data.
  • Uncover Buried Signals

    Hidden insights, patterns and anomalies – InfoNgen sees what you don’t as it ingests, analyzes and summarizes texts with artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

Hear from the Customer

“As an Information Professional, I do not suffer from a lack of information. I suffer from having to screen, edit and package that information in a way that helps me get the relevant and current information to the right people. InfoNgen is one of the products that I have relied upon to do just that. Whether it’s monitoring fast-moving events and alerting Partners on changes affecting their clients, or looking for trends in the industries we represent, InfoNgen helps me compile the information in a way that pushes it where it needs to go. It also allows me to package multiple sources into one easy-to-read email, RSS feed or Portal page so that our attorneys are not overwhelmed by numerous communications from various vendors. InfoNgen’s flexibility, along with the ability to apply my firm’s and my library’s branding information, makes disseminating information easy and effective."

Greg Lambert

Director of Library & Research Services, Jackson Walker LLP



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