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InfoNgen’s powerful features help enterprises make smarter, more agile decisions based on real-time insights. See how it works:

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Through its powerful intelligent search capabilities, text analytics features, customizable delivery options and prebuilt industry taxonomies, InfoNgen gives businesses a resource to find all of the information they need to know, when they need to know it. With InfoNgen, the complex day-to-day tasks of knowledge management professionals like text mining, content aggregation, newsletter creation and content clustering have never been so easy.

Features & Functionality to Help You Make Better Decisions, Faster

InfoNgen helps you cut through the noise by delivering exactly what you’re looking for in your search queries. Here are some of the features and functionality we use to put actionable insights at your fingertips:

Text Analytics

InfoNgen extracts high-quality, actionable insights from any form of text to enable robust search, summarize data, analyze sentiment and explain trends as they occur


Sentiment Analysis

Using a highly sophisticated sentiment index, InfoNgen identifies how people really feel about your products, services, marketing campaigns or even competitors


Tagging Engine

Helping you further organize the insights you discover, InfoNgen comes ready to use with 600,000+ tags, topics and entities included


Plug & Play Ingestion

In addition to the 200,000+ public sources InfoNgen monitors on a day-to-day basis, you can integrate any number of private data sources or content repositories unique to your enterprise


Delivery Options

Organize, access and share your discoveries via multiple content delivery options, including email alerts, newsletters, widgets, RSS feeds, APIs and many more


Domain Expertise

Out of the box, InfoNgen comes with prebuilt, domain-specific taxonomies for Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail and Legal


The “Engine” In InfoNgen Explained

InfoNgen is powered by an actionable insight engine that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to answer your toughest questions. EPAM’s proprietary intelligent search and discovery engine gives you access to a constantly growing index of contextually enriched content to produce actionable insights that provide you with answers to your most complex questions. Here’s how it works:

Hear from the Customer

“InfoNgen’s customer service team and system capabilities are both unsurpassed. I have used and tested many other services over the years and none have come close to InfoNgen. Should I ever depart TriWest, I will definitely incorporate InfoNgen’s services within my new organization.”

Larry Bookhamer

Senior Market Research Consultant, TriWest Healthcare Alliance



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Test Some of InfoNgen’s Powerful Features for Yourself

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