Deployment Options

There are three delivery mechanisms for putting InfoNgen’s Discovery Engine Platform to work for an enterprise – from integrating a custom fully-tagged feed into your own content database to deploying APIs that sit atop existing applications to using a browser-based interface to access content. Depending upon firewall and security concerns, these options are available over the cloud or entirely behind a company’s firewall through the InfoNgen Discovery Appliance.

Delivery Mechanisms

1) Feed
InfoNgen can deliver a stand-alone XML-based feed of all aggregated or custom content that is automatically tagged with InfoNgen metadata as well as with any proprietary client-specified tags. It’s converted into a uniformly structured feed that consists of a collection of compressed XML files – with one file per story – delivered in real time via an authorized FTP site.

2) Web Services API
This real-time call-response system allows clients to integrate the full capabilities of the InfoNgen platform into existing platforms and applications. The API supports queries that will return a well-formatted XML structure describing the collection of headlines that match the query parameters.

3) Browser/Web Interface
This browser-based interface enables users to access content through simple or advance search screens. The search results include a list of headlines, which have links to the original story/document along with a synopsis and display of all meta-tags per story. Includes advanced functionality, including newsletter management, trend analysis tools and more.

Deployment Options

1) Over the Cloud
InfoNgen can deploy solutions based on our core shared architecture as well as private, custom client solutions that are hosted uniquely.  By offering a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) model as well as web service access to discrete capabilities, InfoNgen can provide an “out of the box” solution that can deliver immediate end-user value in parallel with a rich “development ready” framework to help IT streamline the delivery of internally developed products and services.

2) Behind the Firewall
For clients with information sets that cannot move outside their firewall, InfoNgen’s Enterprise Discovery Appliance is a client installed version of our core platform. This solution provides all of the functionality available via the Cloud model including full-text and meta-data Boolean queries as well as clustering, faceting, sorting and paging of search results. The Discovery Appliance is horizontally scalable, distributing indexes and services across multiple servers as capacity requirements grow. It’s also available as a Desktop Discovery version, which provides a mini version of our full enterprise solution delivering rich semantic searching across all of the content on an individual user’s desktop – including their email.

3) A Federated Approach
A unique advantage of the InfoNgen architecture is that searches can be transparently federated.  This allows a client to install an Enterprise Discovery Appliance to manage their local email and file shares, while leveraging our cloud based services to integrate various news feeds and web available content.  One query can return it all, giving clients  a consistent, rationalized view of all the information sets they depend on no matter where they may be stored.  Clients no longer need to choose a single deployment approach, and can instead pick the optimal solution for each type of content set they need to address.  That means they can bring more comprehensive solutions to market faster, and with lower immediate- and long-term costs.