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Brand & Competitive Intelligence


You’re Only As Good As Your Brand & Competitive Intelligence

For global companies with multiple brands across numerous geographies, it’s critical to know how your products and services are performing versus competitors in different markets. That’s why you need automatic alerts and actionable insights at your fingertips. InfoNgen® can help.

Effectively Monitor Your Competition In Real-Time

No matter your industry, you need a proven way to anticipate competitive activity, objectively interpret market events and keep track of past disruptions. InfoNgen can help you understand how the features and benefits of your product fair against the competition and keep track of how your competitors position themselves in different markets. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, product development or an executive, here are just a few of the things you can achieve by using InfoNgen as your competitive intelligence solution:

Get a 360-degree view of new and existing competitors and market players with automatic alerts on product updates, pricing and positioning changes, team changes, hiring strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and office openings/closings

See how you measure up by keeping an eye on your competitors’ mentions in the news, press releases, award updates, partnerships, events and marketing campaigns

Monitor what customers and employees are saying about your competitors on social media and leverage their customer feedback to improve your own products and services

Keep track of what your competitors are publishing, how they are promoting it and how people react to the content

Receive alerts regarding key trends in any market with summarized knowledge around competitor positioning, growth and change

Unlock the Power of Text Analytics With InfoNgen

Through its natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities, InfoNgen can help you not only tap into the voice of the customer, but also the voice of the competition with powerful, on-demand text analytics. Here are just a few of the things you get with InfoNgen:

  • Competitive intelligence on every company in your industry across all of their individual brands and geographies
  • Automatic insight into macro and microeconomic trends affecting multiple industries
  • On-demand understanding of the latest regulations and legislation
  • Sentiment indexes and analysis to help you aggregate content in an intelligent way
  • Ability to search unstructured data without extra effort
  • Built-in taxonomies with 600,000+ preloaded tags
  • Simple integration with internal systems and content sources
  • Enterprise-ready solution with features and functionality designed for distinct organizational roles
  • Powerful enterprise search filters to help you filter the signal from the noise

Hear from the customer

"I have worked with InfoNgen for over four years now and can say the service and support provided has been exceptional. My function is in the competitive intelligence field and I have established three regular newsletters designed to educate my company on the weekly industry and competitive news. I would recommend the newsletter service to anyone seeking a professional, targeted way to inform your internal customers."

Chris Bowman

Senior Analyst, Global Competitive Intelligence, Alcon, A Novartis Company



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