InfoNgen - Discovery Engine for Business | Intelligent Search Appliance
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Intelligent Search Appliance

InfoNgen appliance solution is a quick and efficient way to build or enhance your knowledge management system

Flexible Content Crawling

  • Scalable crawling agent proven to handle hundreds of thousands of content sources.
  • Plugin based architecture that allows source level customization of content processing logic.
  • Prepackaged with categorized web sources curated by InfoNgen content onboarding team.
  • Authentication support for pay-wall sources.
  • Integration with email and cloud repositories.

Text Extraction & Annotation

  • Text extraction from HTML, PDF, and Microsoft document formats.
  • Identification of disclosures, editorial summaries or similar content sections.
  • NLP text annotation that describes sentence structure and pattern positioning.
  • Publishing date extraction & validation.
  • Article author identification.
  • Document summarization.

Text Mining & Categorization

  • Scalable high-performance document tagging engine proven to process millions of documents daily.
  • Contextual validation of metatags for high precision and recall.
  • Prepackaged with generic and industry specific taxonomies.
  • Support for custom-built taxonomies and relevancy algorithms.
  • Multilanguage text analysis customizable for different content types.
  • Sentiment identification related to companies, products, or topics.

Intelligent Search

  • Intelligent content querying that combines full text with meaningful topical metadata driven by business needs.
  • Search faceting for precise topical filtering and visualization.
  • Content deduplication and similar document clustering.
  • Support for content embargo and access entitlements.
  • News content federation through InfoNgen Search API.
  • Relevancy threshold filtering.
  • Single Sign-On integration.

Alerting & Publishing

  • News and research tracking by company, industry, product, or topic.
  • Alert consolidation with a table of content that reduces email overflow and improves readability.
  • Recipient and schedule management capabilities.
  • On-publish keyword extraction.
  • Newsletter building tools with pluggable templates.
  • Custom document pack mashup.

Administration Tools

  • Administration portal for user and content access management.
  • Ontology management and text-mining portal.
  • Configuration management interface for crawling, authentication, and publishing.
  • Reporting capabilities to track user activity as well as content distribution and preferences.